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The foundation of your company's operations is the network. It delivers applications to your users, manages your data, allows your staff to communicate with one another, with customers and with external stakeholders.

The right enterprise network will fuel your growth and support your future digital transformation plans and whilst the basic elements of your network haven't changed, switching, routing, wireless and security, the way these networks work, most certainly has.

The future of networking is here:
intent-based networking.

The enterprise network has evolved, from simple switching, routing and wireless into an intelligent engine that drives the whole business.

The introduction of software-defined networking (SDN) was a huge leap in control and automation. SDN moves control away from individually configured devices towards a central console, where corporate policies are pushed out to all devices.

Intent-based networking (IBN) is the next step towards network automation. Using machine learning and AI, IBN is a new way of thinking about enterprise networks. Instead of manually configuring the network, network managers set high-level business policies that align with the organisation's strategy and goals. The network orchestration software then converts these into network policies automatically. Following that, the network is proactively monitored, with continuous data collection and machine learning allowing the network to retain its target condition at all times.

Both IBN and SDN are the future of enterprise networking, automating network provisioning and offering great benefits to an organisation. As an enterprise network provider, Advatek will be able to advise you which approach will work for you.

What are the benefits of intent-based networking?

Traditional networks lack automation that spans the entire network, forcing customers to spend significant time managing their networks adding to the total cost of ownership.

Simplify Operations

Simplify operations with a centralised network policy and automated management and IT workflows

Proactive Network Management

Proactively manage the network using machine learning and always-on monitoring and analytics

Intelligent Security

Security throughout the network, using intelligence to quickly alert an attack and contain threats in real-time

Platform for Innovation

Scale quickly and achieve industry and societal transformation goals

All Advatek Secure Agile Networks include the following:

Flexible and individual design.
Forget one-size-fits-all, we create a network solution just for you. This gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your network - and realise its full potential.
Security built in.
Our driving principle is security built in. We believe that network security should be fully integrated into every design phase from the initial concept all the way through to production.
Seamless onboarding and deployment.
We take a comprehensive approach to all networking projects with a dedicated project manager and engineers to bring your network up to speed with our seamless transition services.
Premium customer support.
Our support team is available via phone, email, and the ticketing system. That begins with our hassle-free onboarding process through to your ongoing operations.

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