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Nutanix HCI Specialist Partner

Our primary goal is to achieve business outcomes that revolutionise, adapt, and elevate our clients’ strategies. Since the outset, our collaboration with Nutanix has empowered numerous clients, spanning mid-sized businesses to large enterprises across both local and global contexts. We enable them to achieve more with fewer resources, optimise costs, and expedite their unique business objectives. 

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Build a hybrid multicloud on industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure.

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Advatek Architect Skills Matrix


Prism (Nutanix Central) NC2 Cloud Instances
AOS Storage Management Sizer - Auditing Tools
AHV Hypervisor Move - Migration Toolset
Cloud Disaster Recovery Back Up - Integration across various providers
Flow Network Security  


Advatek & Nutanix Services.

Nutanix Solutions that empower your business transformation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including customer proof of concept and demonstration facilities across a spectrum of Nutanix propositions. We empower you to deploy Nutanix software on any Hypervisor or OEM hardware platform, ensuring seamless compatibility and adaptability. Our solutions simplify and modernise datacentre management, enhancing efficiency and agility. 

Data Centre Modernisation.

Your Trusted Nutanix Partner.

Simplicity is at the core of Nutanix’s ethos, embodied by the Webscale Operating System, which mirrors the advanced data centre architecture utilised by the world’s tech giants. Their dedication is evident in their exceptional Net Promoter score. Advatek shares this customer-centric approach, striving to source the most pioneering technologies that yield tangible advantages for our clients, all while offering top-tier consulting and services expertise.


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Fully Managed
Nutanix Support

Advatek’s Managed Service ensures the seamless and secure operation of your entire Nutanix Clusters. Our dedicated control centre vigilantly monitors your entire estate around the clock. In real-time, we respond to any threats, safeguarding the integrity and performance of your apps. Plus, with our state-of-the-art portal, you gain access to comprehensive support resolutions and live monitoring of your estate.