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Microsoft Azure Cost Optimisation Workshop

Save up to 20% on your Azure costs. 

This workshop is a forward-thinking advisory service that delves into the specifics of Azure pricing, including any concealed costs. It equips organisations with the knowledge to pinpoint and execute strategies that streamline their Azure cloud expenses, fostering potential cost reductions and heightened efficiency.
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Our Azure Cost Optimisation Workshop is a structured session aimed at aiding organisations in refining their cloud expenditures, bolstering operational efficiency, and strengthening security and compliance. It is spearheaded by an Azure specialist with extensive expertise in cloud cost management and optimisation. We conduct a thorough analysis of your cloud expenses, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and generate a tailored report that aligns with your business requirements.

In the current economic climate, cost-saving is a priority for many. Managing an IT infrastructure in the cloud presents unique challenges compared to traditional on-premises setups, particularly in cost management. Our workshop guides customers through understanding cost accrual, identifying potential savings, and implementing measures to manage expenses effectively.

Advatek’s Microsoft Azure Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are equipped to demystify your Azure expenditures and provide recommendations for heightened efficiency.

Features and benefits of the Assessment:


Consultant-Led Workshop: This session is conducted by a skilled Azure consultant with expertise in offering strategic advice on optimising Azure expenses.


Customised approach: The workshop is designed to cater to unique requirements, taking into account aspects like usage trends, necessary resources, and organisational objectives.


In-depth analysis:  comprehensive examination of Azure consumption and expenditure is conducted to pinpoint inefficiencies and propose effective solutions.


Cost Savings: Pinpoint opportunities to reduce expenses by enhancing the efficiency of Azure resource utilisation.

Improved Efficiency: Enhancing Azure resource management not only boosts system performance but also increases productivity and operational effectiveness.

Better Planning: Offer insights into anticipated Azure usage patterns, aiding clients in more efficient planning and budgeting for their Azure expenditures.

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  • Consultant-led   
  • Customised approach   
  • In-depth analysis   
  • Cost savings

Typical workshop Format.

The workshop includes an overview of Azure costs, the Azure cost calculator, factors affecting costs, hidden costs and guardrails which can be used to manage costs. The customer’s Azure environment is reviewed, and a detailed report is compiled with recommendations on where savings can be made.


Cost reduction

We’ll pinpoint and eradicate unnecessary expenditures, enhance resource allocation, and apply industry-standard cost management strategies. This approach is designed to decrease your cloud expenses and positively impact your financial performance.

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Improved efficiency

Azure cost optimisation workshops are instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency. By fine-tuning resource usage and automating routine processes, they significantly reduce manual workload, thereby allocating more resources towards strategic projects.


Maximising ROI

Through Azure cost optimisation, organisations can significantly enhance their return on investment. This process ensures that they derive the greatest possible value from their cloud infrastructure and services, optimising both performance and cost-efficiency.

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Our team is committed to preparing you for expansion. We’ll ensure your cloud setup is scalable, economical, and in harmony with your corporate ambitions. By pinpointing areas for enhancement and adopting optimal cloud management practices, you can scale your cloud infrastructure effectively.

Microsoft Accreditations

As a premier provider of Microsoft and Azure services, Advatek boasts esteemed credentials, including the Azure Solutions Architect Expert and Cyber Security Architect Expert. Our role as a dedicated Microsoft Cloud Service Provider transcends mere certifications; we specialise in managing intricate cloud solutions and cybersecurity challenges within the Microsoft framework.