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Accelerated Landing Zones.

Advateks' Accelerated Landing Zone service streamlines Azure deployment, ensuring a secure and compliant environment quickly and efficiently. This service integrates consultancy with predefined artifacts, offering a scalable solution that addresses security, compliance, and efficient Azure adoption.

A secure and compliant Azure environment within days.

Navigating the complexities of Azure deployment, configuration, and management often proves a major hurdle for businesses, hindering their ability to harness the cloud’s true potential. Security concerns, expertise scarcity, and time constraints compound these challenges. Advateks’ Accelerated Landing Zone service offers a breakthrough solution, streamlining these processes and accelerating Azure adoption.

What is Accelerated Landing Zones?

Advateks’ Accelerated Landing Zone, a harmonious blend of consultancy services and predefined artefacts, is purpose-built to streamline your Azure deployment. This service establishes a secure, compliant baseline Azure environment that readily integrates with your pre- existing on-premises network. It embodies an array of features, from designing a hub-spoke topology, enforcing role-based access control, to implementing robust security measures and ensuring reliable data backup and recovery. This highly scalable service is thoughtfully tailored to accommodate your evolving needs, serving as a catalyst for a seamless, efficient, and secure journey towards Azure adoption.

Accelerated Landing Zones Features at a Glance:


Hub & spoke topology.


Robust security through isolation and policy enforcement.


Subscription management to control costs and resources.


Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for secure resource access.


Azure networking and firewalls for data protection.


Build automation for spokes to reduce manual effort.


Backup and Recovery provisions for data protection and business continuity.

Migration or building new “ready” environments for flexibility and ease.

Strategic Cloud Vendors:

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With Advatek, we're not just clients, we're family. Their comprehensive understanding of our vision allows us to optimise our investments while exploring uncharted potentials. The unmatched flexibility, security, and scalability that their cloud services provide are transformative. With Advatek's guidance in our cloud journey, we are navigating the future with confidence and agility.

Duncan Stewart, Director of ICT 

Why Advatek?


Minimised Risks

Our services are designed with integrated industry best practices, processes, and methodologies that are reinforced by  24-7 support, that helps your service runs smoothly, minimises the risk of failure and drives your ongoing success.



Our modern security and privacy measures safeguard your data and our time-tested processes coupled with our cloud governance, compliance, and visibility features provide unparalleled transparency and control over your IT environment.


Efficient Management

Prioritise your business objectives by entrusting the management of your IT estate to the Advatek experts. Our intelligent monitoring and pre-emptive management of hybrid multi-cloud environments allow you to optimise the potential of your cloud environment, giving you the freedom to focus on what truly matters.


24/7 Support

We are committed to providing round-the-clock support to ensure seamless operations. Our dedicated team of highly skilled data engineers specialise in designing, building, and maintaining networks to ensure continuous and reliable service.

Our Accreditations

Our technological innovation has been recognised by leading organisations from across the IT Industry. We proudly retain our status as a Fortinet Expert Partner, Cisco Premier Integrator with Security Specialisation and Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider

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