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At Advatek, we understand the importance of protecting your essential data. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Rubrik, a pioneer in data security and cloud data management, to provide a robust data protection solution tailored for today’s enterprises. In collaboration, we are committed to achieving the perfect equilibrium between securing data and maintaining its availability, while also adhering to all regulations.

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The State of Data Security, The Journey to Secure an Uncertain Future

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Enterprise Data Protection M365 Data Protection
Cloud Data Protection Threat Monitoring
SaaS Data Protection Threat Containment


Next-Generation Data Protection.

Taking data protection to the next level.

 In an era where application and service deployment is evolving swiftly, Advatek harnesses Rubrik’s cutting-edge technology to offer our clients a revolutionary Data Protection service. This empowers them to pioneer new services, safeguarding their data and business assets, all while freeing them from the limitations and intricacies of conventional backup and recovery methods.

Your Fortress of Data Security.

Comprehensive Data Security and Professional Service Excellence.

At Advatek we implement Rubrik’s advanced Data Protection technology via a comprehensive professional service suite. Our process initiates with proactive engagement and thorough assessment services to establish strategic direction and pinpoint requirements. We proceed to propose and substantiate robust solutions, ensuring complete delivery and execution, coupled with meticulous project management. Beyond this, our managed services proficiency and supplementary data centre/hosting offerings serve to bolster and expand these solutions throughout their entire lifecycle.


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Fully Managed
Rubrik Support

Advatek's Managed Service elevates the resilience of your IT environment with Rubrik's cutting-edge backup and recovery solutions. Our control centre oversees your systems 24/7, ensuring uninterrupted and secure operations. We proactively address any issues, maintaining the integrity and performance of your applications. Additionally, our advanced portal provides you with extensive support options and real-time monitoring capabilities, all powered by Rubrik's robust data protection technology.