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Advatek's Managed Services Help UKAEA Lead in Sustainable Nuclear Energy

by Matthew
February 22, 2023
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Public Sector

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) is a renowned public body that has been investing significant effort in researching fusion energy and related technologies with the ultimate objective of positioning the UK as a leader in sustainable nuclear energy. As part of their operations, UKAEA has put in place a series of Fortinet firewalls to ensure that their systems are well-protected.

Advatek, an esteemed provider of IT services, has been a reliable partner to UKAEA for over ten years, providing ongoing support and managed services for their Fortinet estate. Recently, UKAEA renewed their contract with Advatek following a competitive tender process, which demonstrates the trust they have in Advatek.

Oliver Heming, a member of UKAEA's team, expressed his appreciation of Advatek's support by stating that while they have a strong team in place, the response and assistance provided by Advatek have been consistently excellent. Heming commended the team for their helpfulness and willingness to go the extra mile to find answers when needed. This positive feedback underscores the high-quality support that Advatek has consistently provided to UKAEA.

UKAEA now has access to Advatek's state-of-the-art customer portal and technical teams as part of their renewed contract. Advatek has tailored their responses accordingly, offering solutions that cater specifically to UKAEA's needs. "When the support contract was up for renewal, Advatek were very helpful. They understand our requirements, so if something is better for us, they will offer it as an option," said Heming.

Advatek not only provides reliable support but also offers alternative solutions and makes valuable suggestions that UKAEA appreciates. "Advatek didn't just give us the cost, but they looked at it and offered alternatives and made some suggestions. We really appreciated that from Advatek," Heming added.

UKAEA values their partnership with Advatek and acknowledges that they can rely on their expertise and support when required. Advatek's ability to tailor their services to meet UKAEA's specific needs has been a critical factor in their continued success.