Aerohive Wireless

Aerohive Wireless

The continued decentralisation of the traditional corporate office is being driven by a number of major enterprise initiatives — homeshoring, teleworking, and the need to reduce real estate costs.

These distributed enterprise initiatives place a great deal of pressure on IT, who is tasked with finding a way to cost effectively deliver HQ-like access, security, and performance to non-technical users who are often performing mission critical functions remotely.

When choosing a wireless solution, security, scalability and manageability are key – this becomes even more important when managing multiple sites.

Aerohive Networks

Aerohive is a cloud networking company that provides comprehensive access solutions for the mobile first enterprise. Built from the ground up for today’s challenges, Aerohive sets new standards for how to address these global trends that are impacting every organizationwith a unique and powerful combination of distributed networking intelligence, known as our Cooperative Control architecture, and an industry leading cloud services infrastructure.

This allows Aerohive to deliver secure, enterprise-class access to every site—from a large campus or headquarters to remote branches and even single teleworker offices – with consistent, predictable service and maximum security.


Self-organizing access points that eliminate single points of failure

Effortlessly grow from a single access point, to hundreds of thousands

Easily manage and support thousands of access points from a single, cloud-based management platform

High Performance .11ac, Unlimited Scale, & Resilient Mobility

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