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NetApp and Cisco have teamed up to deliver FlexPod —a single, convenient, converged platform to manage your entire infrastructure.
By consolidating and virtualising your IT infrastructure with FlexPod you can save money, simplify management, and enhance data protection using innovative systems you won’t outgrow.

Streamline your servers and storage to build a cost-effective IT infrastructure that reduces expenses with centralise management and automated operations.
The FlexPod solution leverages best-in-class components, including Cisco UCS servers, Cisco Nexus switches, and NetApp storage.

Key Features

  • Reduce the number of servers and the storage capacity needed for applications.
  • Gain operational efficiencies using virtualization, which allows your staff to manage more systems and storage in less time.

Standardise your environment to more easily predict budgets and support growth.

FlexPod supports the leading hypervisors, applications, and management platforms. FlexPod has been tested with Cisco UCS Director, a management solution that provides physical and virtual infrastructure control, management and monitoring from a unified dashboard.

Business Benefits

Assured deployment

FlexPod is the result of deep technology collaboration between Cisco and NetApp leading to the creation of an integrated, tested, and validated data centre platform that has been thoroughly documented in a best practices design guide. The availability of Cisco® Validated Design guides has reduced the time-to deployment of mission-critical applications by 30 percent. FlexPod is built to run applications concurrently. The platform can support shared workloads by using secure multi-tenant capabilities. FlexPod is aided by a well-defined management framework that allows configuration, monitoring, and scaling through a single pane.

Business agility with flexibility

FlexPod uses the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS™) innovations of a unified fabric and programmable interfaces to deliver exceptional scalability and flexibility at the server and networking layers. Pre integration of NetApp OnCommand and Cisco UCS Manager help ensure that the server, networking, and storage components of FlexPod work in unison. The resulting platform scales up or out without any changes to the architecture. The platform supports all major hypervisors and operating systems.


FlexPod offers servers with greatly expanded memory capacity, leading to greater virtual machine–based use of each server. The network interconnects support Fibre Channel and Ethernet traffic to Cisco Nexus® switches on a unified 10 Gigabit Ethernet fabric. For storage, built-in efficiencies such as data deduplication and thin provisioning help lower costs and allow deployment of thousands of virtual machines within minutes. Support for NetApp Snapshot and flash cache results in 75 percent fewer disk drives without compromising performance. FlexPod efficiency is further enhanced with a unified fabric architecture that uses 50 percent less cabling and 50 percent less storage space than traditional data center platform designs, resulting in greatly reduced power, cooling, and data center space requirements. FlexPod also can integrate with existing infrastructure, saving transition and data center downtime costs.

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