Authentication solutions

Secure Access to your company's network

Allowing access to your company network from mobile devices and field sales teams requires a robust security solution that serves to protect the indentities of users, and ensuring that a user is who he/she claims to be.

Furthermore, the increasing use of the cloud, combined with rising threats, and the need to reduce costs, require entirely new considerations for network access outside of office premises.

The case for Multi-Factor Authentication

New threats, risks, and vulnerabilities as well as evolving business needs reinforce the requirement for a strong authentication approach that can be delivered simply and offer full scalability for the future.

Key considerations when choosing an authentication solution

  • Can I address new demands of my business — like cloud and mobile devices?
  • How do I map authentication methods to business risk and the needs of my users?
  • Can I centrally manage, control and administer all my users and endpoints?
  • Who controls my authentication data?
  • How can I incorporate additional security layers to help me further fortify against threats?
  • How do i control costs and practicality?

Advatek supplies leading Multi-Factor authentication products from Safe-Net/Gemalto. Established for over 30 years, SafeNet is a Consistent Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for User Authentication.

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