Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

SASE connects and protects users with single cloud-native networking and security solution.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge and is becoming an increasingly popular term used within the industry. Originally conceived by Gartner, a SASE architecture looks to combine network and cybersecurity functions into a single, cloud-native architecture. With networks expanding beyond the WAN edge to thin branch networks and the cloud, traditional hub and spoke infrastructure models centred around the corporate data centre begin to break down.

A new networking and security strategy is required that combines network and security functions with WAN capabilities to support the dynamic, secure internet access for a work-from-anywhere workforce. That strategy is Secure Access Service Edge or better known as SASE.

What are the elements of SASE?

SASE gives organisations a simple-to-manage automation platform that offers frictionless connectivity for users in a highly secure cloud-native environment.

SASE extends networking and security capabilities beyond where they have typically been available, allowing users, regardless of location, to take advantage of:

What problems do Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions solve?

As organisations adopt multi-cloud strategies and remote workforce policies, networks have grown more distributed and workers more dependent on cloud applications and environments to do their work.

However, this expanding network also increases the attack surface and most security solutions have not kept pace with cloud-based networking innovations. This inherently exposes organisations to more points of compromise and degrades the user experience of remote workers dependent on conventional VPN-only solutions to gain network access.

For organisations struggling to adapt and secure a hybrid workforce comprised of a growing remote workforce, SASE offers a more scalable, centralised way of securing them. Since SASE is a cloud-delivered solution, it also allows organisations to shift away from purchasing numerous point-products to secure different parts of their networks and adopt a more operational cost service model as well.

Benefits of Advatek Secure Access Service Edge

With a cloud security service, you can simplify security, streamline policies and increase protection.

Connect the remote worker

SASE enables remote users to securely access applications and data with the best user experience, from anywhere, every time

Reduce cost and complexity

By delivering networking and security from one cloud-native platform, with policy-based routing, organisations can overcome challenges of siloed infrastructure and applications

Improve security

Security policies, can be managed and enforced centrally, ensuring no gaps and much less complexity

How to get started with SASE?

SASE provides secure access to the cloud for users anywhere. However, not all SASE solutions are equal in scalability, orchestration, and security.

As a specialist in security and cloud, Advatek works with industry-leading manufacturers to bring our clients best-of-breed, industry-leading solutions to our customers. We can work with you to identify your security and networking challenges and design a solution that will offer you:

  • Simpler and faster security
  • Better user experience
  • Lower costs and more agile networking
  • Stronger business continuity

All Advatek Security Solutions include the following:

Flexible and individual design.
Forget one-size-fits-all, we create a security solution just for you. This gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your network - and realise its full potential.
Multi-layered security.
Our multi-layered security solutions protect at every point of attack, creating an integrated line of defence. Mitigate and prevent threats with multiple layers of protection.
Seamless onboarding and deployment.
Our Design and Implementation Services ensures a comprehensive approach to all network security projects with a dedicated project manager and security engineers to guarantee you are protected.
Premium customer support.
Our support team is available via phone, email, and the ticketing system. That begins with our hassle-free onboarding process through to your ongoing operations.