Identity and Access Management

With Advatek's Identity and Access Management, you can securely connect users and devices with automated role-based policies controls, including multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and automated onboarding.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework of policies, processes and technologies to manage digital identities and control user access.

IAM assigns users specific roles and allows access and privileges based on these roles. By ensuring users only access the applications, systems and data they need, security and user experience are hugely improved, enabling better business outcomes such as mobile and remote working and cloud adoption.

Identity and Access Management improves security

One of the most common ways for hackers to access an organisation's networks is to use malware, phishing and ransomware to compromise user credentials. IAM attempts to prevent this by assigning one digital identity to each user. From there, the solution maintains, modifies, and monitors access levels and privileges through each user’s access life cycle.

How Identity and Access management tools work

Processes which rely on manually provisioning users and assigning access privileges are prone to human error and increase an organisation's security risk. By creating role-based access rights, the IAM will automate these tasks, reducing the risk.

Event Tracking

Capture and record user login events

Identity Management

Manage and provide visibility of their user identity database

Privilege Management

Manage the assignment and removal of users’ access privileges

Improve Security

Security policies, can be managed and enforced centrally, ensuring no gaps and much less complexity


Verify and authenticate users based on their roles and contextual information such as geography, time of day, or (trusted) networks

Role-Based Access Control

IAM frameworks are crucial to controlling user access to critical information and implementing access control based on a user's role, such as job title, level of authority, and responsibility within the business.

Automatic De-Provisioning

IAM solution is crucial to preventing security risks when an employee leaves. Manually de-provisioning often takes time and may even be forgotten entirely, leaving a security gap for hackers.

IAM prevents this by automatically de-provisioning access rights once a user leaves the company or as their role within the organisation changes.

Human and Device Identification

Digital identities can be created for devices or applications as well as users, establishing further trust and providing deeper context around whether a user is who they say they are and the applications they are entitled to access.

IAM Asset folders

What are the benefits of Identity and Access Management?

Secure access

IAM solutions helps organisations to extend access to their applications, networks, and systems, on-premises and in the cloud without compromising security.

Reduce human error

Reduces errors with automation of processes around user access, the organisation ensures that mistakes aren’t made with onboarding or departed users aren’t forgotten.

Reduced helpdesk requests

As a result of IAM, users no longer have to submit password reset and helpdesk requests, allowing system administrators to focus on tasks that add greater business value.

Ensuring compliance

IAM helps a business meet its compliance needs amid a landscape of increasingly stringent data and privacy regulations.

Reduced risk

Greater control of users means reduced risk of internal and external data breaches. This is vital as hackers increasingly target user credentials as a key method for gaining access to corporate networks and resources.

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