Seamless and secure cloud-native networking. Secure remote workers, control costs and gain deeper insights with a cloud-native secure networking SASE solution from Advatek.

More Efficient and Secure IT Operations with SD-Access

Digital transformation has meant a growth in users and devices accessing the network and demands for more agile working and enhanced user experience. Add to that, increasingly complex network security challenges network management and administration have become challenging, time-consuming, and prone to human error.

Setting up a new network switch or access point can take hours, batches of switches, weeks as IT teams contend with outdated change management tools, difficulty in maintaining productivity, and slow issue resolution.

In addition, disparate networks managed by different departments are common in many organisations Typically, the main IT network is operated separately from building management systems, security systems, and other production systems. This leads to duplication of network hardware procurement and inconsistency in management practices.

Time for a new way of thinking - SD-Access

SD-Access is a form of intent-based networking which uses machine learning and AI to enable policy-based automation from the edge to the cloud for such essential business processes as onboarding, secure segmentation, IoT integration, and guest access.

SD-Access uses a single network fabric to automate user and device policy for any application across a wireless and wired network enabling enables network access in minutes rather than days without sacrificing security.

SD-Access enables automated end-to-end services including segmentation, quality of service, and analytics. This gives organisations a transformational shift allowing IT to build and managing networks faster and more easily, with improved business efficiency.

Benefits of SD-Access

SD-Access encompasses both networking and security operations and uses pre-defined centrally managed to protect the network.

Enhanced security and compliance

SD-Access will Identify, profile, and group endpoints analysing traffic flows between groups to define effective access policies.

Network insights

Continuous monitoring to gain network insights into endpoint behaviour, scans for vulnerabilities and verifies their trustworthiness for continued access

Rapidly contain threats and prevent data breaches

SD-Access reduces zones of trust, isolates rogue or compromised endpoints, and enhances regulatory compliance.

Get started with SD-Access

As a specialist in networking, security and cloud, Advatek works with industry-leading manufacturers to bring our clients best-of-breed, industry-leading solutions to our customers. We can work with you to identify your networking challenges and design a solution that will offer you:

  • Simpler and faster security
  • Better user experience
  • Lower costs and more agile networking
  • Stronger business continuity

All Advatek Secure Agile Networks include the following:

Flexible and individual design.
Forget one-size-fits-all, we create a network solution just for you. This gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your network - and realise its full potential.
Security built in.
Our driving principle is security built in. We believe that network security should be fully integrated into every design phase from the initial concept all the way through to production.
Seamless onboarding and deployment.
We take a comprehensive approach to all networking projects with a dedicated project manager and engineers to bring your network up to speed with our seamless transition services.
Premium customer support.
Our support team is available via phone, email, and the ticketing system. That begins with our hassle-free onboarding process through to your ongoing operations.