We’ve looked into all the available tools, both free and paid for, to help your organisation, whether large or small, to get up and running with options for SECURE remote working to keep things going during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. A ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t appropriate, so depending upon the size of your business and its priorities, a mix of different tools may be required. Please see what we can offer below and get in touch – we’re here to help with your secure remote working plan, which we will aim to provide within budget, and with no long term commitment.

We can also offer fully managed remote working as a service, details of which can be found here.

Call us on 0844 335 3991, email us at hello@advatek.co.uk, use the contact form at the bottom of this page or use the live chat if you need help and guidance. We are ready to assist.

Video Conferencing (Teams, WebEx)

Both Microsoft and Cisco have announced extended free trials and increased functionality on a temporary basis – Information on the trials and functionality increases are covered in our blog entry which can be found here.

Key points around the Cisco WebEx and Microsoft trials:

Cisco WebEx

  • 90 Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited meetings and webinars for up to 200 participants
  • Desktop and Mobile App
  • Full HD Video Meetings
  • Content Sharing
  • Existing customers get extended features for a limited time, such as 20% license count extension for 90 days as well as free WebEx Events 3000.


  • 6 month fully featured trial of Office 365 E1
  • Microsoft Teams, free for 6 months
  • OneDrive with 1TB of storage

Secure Remote Access (IP-SEC & SSL VPN)

We can offer fast deployment of secure VPN solutions to give your employees access to company resources, for access to shared drives. We are able to offer this service on cost per month, per user basis.

Our managed VPN service provides IPSec-VPN functionality and includes all standard IPSec features such as support for DES, 3DES and AES encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), NAT traversal, Dead Peer Detection, Main and Aggressive mode, etc.
The service is fully IPSec-compliant and have been deployed by Advatek to create VPNs to other vendors IPSec-compliant devices, including Cisco firewalls, Juniper firewalls, Watchguard, Checkpoint and other vendor’s VPN appliances. Remote Access VPN’s are also supported for IPSec, PPTP and SSL.

We provide the necessary configuration tools and services to fully manage customer VPNs and supporting compliance such as GDPR.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Cisco Duo

There’s no easier way to use multi-factor authentication. Designed for the modern workforce and backed by a zero trust philosophy, Duo is the user-friendly, scalable way to keep your business ahead of ever-changing security threats.

  • Verify identity in seconds
  • Protect any application on any device
  • Easily deploy Duo in any environment
  • User-Friendly, Super-Secure Authentication
  • Frictionless Authentication Management
  • Free Trial Available
Get a Free Trial of Cisco Duo

Thales (Gemalto SafeNet)

SafeNet Trusted Access is a cloud-based access management service that combines the convenience of cloud and web single sign-on (SSO) with granular access security. By validating identities, enforcing access policies and applying Smart Single Sign-On, organizations can ensure secure, convenient access to numerous cloud applications from one easy-to-navigate console.

  • Fast and easy cloud access through Smart Single Sign-On
  • A single pane of glass for centralized user access control
  • Optimised security through fine-grained access policies
  • Visibility into all access events for simplified compliance
  • Secure access for partners and contractors
  • Identity-as-a-service efficiencies

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go.
Cisco Umbrella uses the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. By delivering security from the cloud, not only do you save money, but we also provide more effective security.

DNS & IP layer enforcement

Umbrella uses DNS to stop threats over all ports and protocols — even direct-to-IP connections. Stop malware before it reaches your endpoints or network.

Intelligent proxy

Instead of proxying all web traffic, Umbrella routes requests to risky domains for deeper URL and file inspection. Effectively protect without delay or performance impact.

Command & control callback blocking

Even if devices become infected in other ways, Umbrella prevents connections to attacker’s servers. Stop data exfiltration and execution of ransomware encryption.

Statistical Models

Umbrella analyses data to identify patterns, detect anomalies and create models to predict if a domain or IP is likely malicious. Automatically correlate data and block attacks.

Explore all the features of Cisco Umbrella with a 30 day trial