For many organisations defining, implementing and enforcing a security policy can be very time consuming and costly. The global nature of the internet means that threats can originate at any time from any part of the world so constant vigilance is required to detect and counter attacks.

Threats such as ransomware, malware and phishing attacks are now part of everyday business life, and protecting against these is critical to ensuring your business operates smoothly – its is a case of when and not if your company experiences some form of attack, and on average, attacks such as malware can go undetected on your network for up to 3 months!

At Advatek, we work with you to understand your security needs to build a solution that cost effectively meets your needs. This offers the flexibility of picking and choosing some of the features outlined below, or implementing the service in its entireity, depending on your needs.
With simple pricing on a cost per user, per month basis, with no initial set up costs, the service enables you to fully secure your network or simply ‘fill in any gaps’ in your current IT security platform; for example, where there is no dedicated IT Security resource.

We understand that every organisation is different, which is why we allow you to pick and choose elements of the service to suit your needs. Only require email filtering? No problem. Don’t have an IT department but need a full security solution? No problem. We will work with you to ensure the right solution at the most cost effective price, with no compromise on security.

Managed Firewall

Using a fully featured, ASIC-accelerated, high performance firewall ensures that the solution can successfully screen and secure networks and environments against a range of threats from public or other un-trusted sources. We provide a wide range of firewall configuration options including:

  • Control all incoming and outgoing traffic to/from the protected network
  • Specify traffic to be encrypted (including the ability to apply advanced content inspection to traffic traversing VPN tunnels, e.g. virus scanning)
  • Schedule firewall policies (time/day scheduling)
  • Accept or deny traffic to individual addresses or groups of addresses
  • Authenticate users before granting web browsing privileges
  • Set traffic shaping priorities to specific traffic flows and guarantee or limit bandwidth per application
  • Perform Network Address Translation (NAT) or Port Address Translation (PAT) in order to hide the internal IP addressing scheme
  • Configure Virtual Security Domains and Security Zones

Managed Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Managed Anti-Virus

Managed VPN & SD-WAN

Email Filtering

Remote Monitoring

Web Filtering

The Advatek Managed Security Service is fully scalable, can grow with your business and overs the flexibility to add or remove elements of the service, and with full logging and reporting available, the service helps you to keep on top of GDPR requirements.

Services can be delivered on-prem, in the cloud, or a mixture of the two. What’s more, there’s no upfront set-up fees, and a low per user, per monthly cost.

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