Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Advatek's Infrastructure as a Service is secure reliable cloud computing delivering cost savings, ease-of-use, consistent performance, and high availability.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Advatek's Infrastructure as a Service offers low recurring costs, a world-wide footprint, developed and tested procedures, and 24/7 monitoring by top experts in their field. We provide infrastructure that is reliable, easy to manage and transparent in cost.

Pay for what you use

Pricing is based on exact CPU, RAM, and DISK allocation. This means you pay for exactly what you use and nothing more. With no costly hardware upgrades or time-consuming migrations or maintenance, you save time and money

With security and backup options, you can get everything you need to support a scalable infrastructure through a single supplier.

IaaS is a simple way to streamline infrastructure. You get access to Advatek’s team of experts to advise, plan and migrate your business.

The hidden cost of on-premise infrastructure

Most organisations, build up their infrastructure over time and rarely from a single vendor. This adds complexity and may require specialist and costly skill sets to integrate and manage. The hidden cost of management time spent managing procurement with multiple vendor relationships is also a factor.

Lack of scalability and flexibility

Business growth or expansion, new applications or processes need to be able to scale quickly. Hardware procurement, time to deploy can take months. Building in extra capacity to cope with seasonal fluctuations or one-off events can be costly.

Poor performance

Ageing and out-of-date technology is not only prone to failure but usually has a declining rate of performance over its lifetime.

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS is a simple way to blend hybrid clouds, private clouds, and bare metal, all in a seamless, scalable experience.

On-Demand Customisation

Custom fit every machine based on CPU / RAM requirements. Scale up or down across clients or locations on demand.

Management Dashboard

Manage machines, security, network/billing and backup from one cloud-based dashboard.

Robust Availability SLA

Multiple datacentre footprint plus a robust availability SLA.

Flexible Pricing

Transparent, flexible pricing helps you lower costs, right-size resources, and accurately forecast expenses.

Simple migration

Easy migrations mean our team migrates you, supports you, and makes management easy.

All Advatek Cloud Services include the following:

Unified cloud management.
All Advatek services, including public and private clouds, data protection, and disaster recovery, are managed, controlled, and visible through the Secure Cloud Console.
Flexible and individual design.
All of your IT workloads and applications may be replicated to our VMware-based cloud platform from public or private clouds, and for both virtual and physical environments.
Network support services.
Network Support services and multi-cloud connectivity allow you the freedom to keep your existing network policies and investments in place while ensuring that your workloads can interact.
Premium customer support.
Our support team is available via phone, email, and the ticketing system. That begins with our hassle-free onboarding process through to your ongoing operations.

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