Ransomware & Cybersecurity Seminar

Reach Hew Heights in Cyber Threat Prevention and Detection

Thursday March 30th 2017 10am - 2pm
iFly Manchester

Join us at 10am on Thursday March 30th as we take you though the latest Cybersecurity issues facing businesses of all sizes in the UK today, then take flight with an indoor skydiving session, courtesy of Advatek and Fortinet!

During the morning we’ll bring you up to speed on the latest developments in Cybersecurity, a look at biggest Ransomware attacks in 2016 and what you can do to prevent such attacks on your business.
Then, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the thrill of skydiving inside the iFly windtunnel and leave with a complimentary DVD & photo of the experience and a personalised flight certificate!

The Current Cyber Threat Landscape

In this initial session we’ll take a look at the current threat landscape based on the work of Fortiguard Labs as well as covering Cyber Intelligence, Examples of Intel sharing and gathering along with a real life example of working with Interpol to prosecute a Cyber Crime group out of Africa.


Ransomware session

Being a major concern for businesses of all sizes and across all verticals, ransomware is proven to have a significant impact on the bottom line. This Session will cover the motives, the economics and dive future of Ransomware as well as advice on IT and Security Strategies to minimise the risk and the loss caused by Ransomware. The following agenda will be covered:
• 2016 Recap on Ransomware
• Ransomware economics
• The stages of an attack
• Actionable advice on Ransomware defence strategies
• Real-life example of a business under attack
• How Fortinet’s Security Fabric helps to protect your business

Cyber Situational Awareness Session

This Session will discuss how to cope beyond prevention and help you effectively deal with prioritising risks and threats through a Cyber Situational Awareness model and how we can make those priorities actionable with a SIEM solution which meets today’s post breach challenges. The following agenda will be covered:

• What is Cyber Situational Awareness
• How do we implement it to prioritise our responses
• Follow an example of applying Cyber Situational Awareness
• Look at the challenges of knowing what’s going on in today’s world
• Share some insight into FortiSIEM and how it overcomes today’s challenges
• And look at a real-life case study into a large international customer and how FortiSIEM solved many of their global cyber challenges.


Indoor Skydiving Session

To conclude the morning session, you’ll then be invited to take flight inside the iFly wind tunnel.

· All flight gear provided – flight suit, helmet and goggles
· 2 unforgettable flights per person
· Personalised flight certificate
· DVD for every flyer
· Photo for every flyer
· Hi-Fly for every flyer – this is like a roller coaster ride in the tunnel where the instructor spins you round whilst flying you up and down the 40 ft tunnel!

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