Secure Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Support your mobile workforce with exceptional, consistent user experience reduce IT costs while delivering a secure Desktop as a Service solution.

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Desktop as a Service

DaaS is a cloud computing model which delivers a managed virtual desktop service to users over the internet, no matter what device they are using or where they are. As a DaaS provider, Advatek manages all of the infrastructure ensuring that the user experience is consistent, always-on and secure.

Desktop as a Service for remote working

With the dramatic shift to home working in 2020, demand for Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has seen huge growth. However, it's certainly not new technology, DaaS is a key element for many companies' remote working and cloud computing strategies.

The post-pandemic landscape will see a sea change in the way companies work. As more companies announce a permanent move to working from home or hybrid working, there may be a downsizing of company premises. Whether it's at home, in the office, a regional hub, or the coffee shop, users want to experience a consistent, secure experience every time they log in.

Benefits of Desktop as a Service

Whilst DaaS is a great fit for remote working, DaaS is also a good alternative for organisations with a more traditional working model, looking to simplify their IT, be more agile and save costs.

Consistent user experience

No matter where they are, which device they use, the user will always see their desktop, apps and files

Reduced IT management time of desktop

Not only in faster deployment of new users but also in managing issues should they arise

Subscription-based model

Subscription-based model shifts computing costs from CapEx to Opex

Enhanced security

Security is managed centrally and pushed out to users via their remote desktop.

Risk Management

Desktops can also be wiped quickly and easily in the event of a stolen laptop or departing staff member

All Advatek Cloud services include the following:

Unified cloud management.
All Advatek services, including public and private clouds, data protection, and disaster recovery, are managed, controlled, and visible through the Secure Cloud Console.
Flexible and individual design.
All of your IT workloads and applications may be replicated to our VMware-based cloud platform from public or private clouds, and for both virtual and physical environments.
Network support services.
Network Support services and multi-cloud connectivity allow you the freedom to keep your existing network policies and investments in place while ensuring that your workloads can interact.
Premium customer support.
Our support team is available via phone, email, and the ticketing system. That begins with our hassle-free onboarding process through to your ongoing operations.

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