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Moving IT operations to the cloud is a significant decision, and the Advatek Cloud Readiness Assessment Methodology can assist you in developing a business case and developing a plan to ensure project success.

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Moving IT operations to the cloud may be a smart move for many organisations. IT Infrastructure such as servers, storage, networked applications, backup and disaster recovery can all be integrated into a single cloud platform.

Transitioning to a cloud infrastructure has wide-ranging consequences for an organisation so it's important to spend time assessing the likely impact. Advatek’s free cloud readiness assessment is a five-stage methodology that builds a business case to allow you to gain stakeholder buy-in and also as a roadmap to ensure a smooth project rollout.

How we create your Cloud Readiness Assessment

Essentially a Cloud Readiness Assessment generally has five stages which consist of;

Defining the scope

Scoping out the project will help you address WHY you should migrate to the cloud.

Cost: Always a key driver, will moving to the cloud avoid or reduce the costs associated with hardware replacement and maintaining your own data centres?

Scalability and simplicity: Are you able to scale resources so that they become faster and simpler?

Business Continuity: Do you need to improve data resiliency with disaster recovery and backup services?

Evaluate resources

Once you have determined the why, it helps you down the line when figuring out what needs to be migrated. This is where you should evaluate your in-house resources.

  • What available funds are there?
  • What skills do you have in-house? What will you need from a 3rd party?
  • Do IT teams have enough availability to focus on a cloud migration or are there competing priorities?

We take a collaborative approach – you are most familiar with your own IT staff and environment and coupled with our broad experience of methods, tools, and services will eliminate as much risk as possible.

Assess infrastructure requirements

Understanding your full IT environment and infrastructure will determine the strategy for applications, data, and other workloads.

  • can they move to the cloud
  • can they stay in your own data centre
  • can they be removed completely

Planning how applications will be moved is an important part of the cloud readiness assessment. Applications will often need to change for the new architecture. This can range from minor changes to the core of an application, to completely rebuilding an application or opting to use software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Review security requirements

It’s important to understand if there are any Government or industry regulations that will influence your security posture and a move to the cloud. Additionally, as an IT security specialist, Advatek will also advise on encryption, identity and access management and web application firewalls.

Determine timeline and budget

Setting a project timeline and milestones is key to successful delivery, tracking progress and maintaining that stakeholder buy-in. Budgets must follow the business case for migrating. This includes the total cost of ownership calculations, the labour involved in migration, licensing costs, and migration training, among other factors.

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