Advatek Private Cloud Solutions

A private cloud provides benefits such as flexibility, cost savings, security, and control. Businesses with predictable workloads or customisation requirements, as well as businesses in regulated industries, will benefit from these advantages.

Secure Private Cloud with Advatek

A private cloud is hosted by a cloud service provider in a single-tenant environment, meaning that the tenant or organisation does not share resources with any other users. Those resources can be managed and hosted in several ways.

Benefits of private cloud from Advatek

A private cloud's key benefit is that users don't have to share resources. As such it is suitable for enterprises with dynamic or unpredictable computing demands that require direct control over their environments to meet security, business governance, or regulatory compliance.

When a private cloud is properly architected and implemented, it may give many of the same benefits as a public cloud, including user self-service and scalability, as well as the ability to create and configure virtual machines (VMs), as well as adjust or optimise computing resources on demand.

Get started with Private Cloud Solutions

Your security and networking challenges can be addressed with a solution that is simpler and faster, while also being more cost effective.

Dedicated and secure access with Advatek Private Cloud Solutions

Advatek private cloud solutions can be built on your existing resources and infrastructure in your on-premises data centre or on new, dedicated infrastructure we host. In some circumstances, we may use VMWare virtualisation software to create a single-tenant environment.

No matter how your private cloud is built, you will always have dedicated and secure access to your cloud and its resources.

Our cloud experts will learn about your business goals and processes to recommend the best-fit cloud services for you.

  • Simpler and faster security
  • Better user experience
  • Lower costs and more agile networking
  • Stronger business continuity

All Advatek Cloud and Infrastructure include the following:

Flexible and individual design.
Forget one-size-fits-all, we create an individual solution just for you. This gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your network - and realise its full potential.
Multi-layered security.
Our solutions are protect at every point of attack, creating an integrated line of defence. Mitigate and prevent threats with multiple layers of protection.
Seamless onboarding and deployment.
Our Design and Implementation Services ensures a comprehensive approach to all infrastructure projects with a dedicated project manager and security engineers to guarantee you are protected.
Premium customer support.
Our support team is available via phone, email, and the ticketing system. That begins with our hassle-free onboarding process through to your ongoing operations.