Cloud-managed smart cameras and sensors with Cisco Meraki

Transform your workplace with cloud-based video surveillance.

Securely monitor all your cameras from anywhere

Video and data are encrypted through every stage

Quick and reliable remote video access

Special offer:

Until 29th January 2022, we can offer four sensors for the price of two, for qualifying cus-tomers. Please get in touch for more information.

Secure and simple video security and surveillance

Video surveillance is a leap forward in terms of protecting and monitoring workplaces and their operations. More than just passively recording events, intelligent alert-driven technology embedded into the smart cameras can deliver physical security and efficiency, now and in the future.

Advatek and Cisco Meraki MV

Advatek works with Cisco Meraki to deliver simple to deploy, next-generation cloud-managed smart cameras and sensors.

Cisco Meraki MV are a family of cloud-managed cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor video monitoring. Simple to deploy out of the box, configured and managed remotely via a central console, Cisco Meraki MV provides reliable security and valuable business insights.

Centralised cloud management

Securely monitor all your cameras from anywhere, with pre-defined alerts giving you visibility in every corner of your organisation, from intruder detection at your perimeter through to visitor arrivals and departures.

Single Dashboard

Quickly investigate events with quick and reliable remote video access through a single dashboard or mobile app allows you to quickly investigate events with a smart search facility to find what you’re looking for faster.

Built-in security

Security is built-in to the cameras and video and data are encrypted through every stage.

Motion heat maps allow you to assess foot traffic and alert when safe working practices are about to be breached.

Prioritise Critical Apps

Unlike legacy CCTV, video and data is stored on the camera, so bandwidth is not compromised, ensuring critical network activities are prioritised.

Continuous recording

Continuous recording – as video is stored on the camera, there will be no disrup-tion to the recording even if the network is down.

Stay informed. Our intelligent camera systems have the capability to notify you of an event or specific detection even when you aren’t watching.

Meraki IoT Sensors

Whilst many more workplaces continue to be remote and distributed, keeping IT infrastructure and their physical environment running is more important than ever. Organisations rely on their networks to power critical functions, so being able to monitor and be alerted to changes which may affect the environment is crucial.

Meraki MT Sensors are a range of intelligent cloud-managed sensors which give real-time visibility into IT environments, allowing organisations to remotely monitor temperature and humidity changes, water leaks and door access, protecting critical assets and keeping operations running smoothly.

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