Data backup is critical area of any business should the worst happen. However, it can also be a time consuming and resource heavy task to undertake. The Advatek fully managed Backup-as-a Service takes care of all of your data backup requirements, freeing your IT team up to concentrate on other projects to meet your organisations goals.

Key Service Features



Our Backup designs conform to the industry standards and can cater for your own requirements and data retention policies.


Backups are monitored by our technical team with issues pro-actively resolved to ensure your organisation is always ready should the worst happen.

Backup Monitoring


Backup systems are kept up-to-date with the latest version releases and best practices to ensure compliance and a reduce the risk of issues with backups.


Get reports on-demand or at regular service reviews, with restores included as part of the service


Office 365 Backup

Our backup-as-service also provides complete backup and recovery for Office 365 environments, which also includes Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive, ensuring your organisation is protected in these situations:

Legal and Compliance Requirements

Retain data that may be needed to satisfy a legal request or investigation

Mind the Gap

Retain Office 365 data event if a user account is deactivated

Internal Security Threats

Reduce the risk of data being lost or deleted through malicious or accidental employee actions

External Security Threats

Protect against malware and ransomware attacks