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Lunch and Learn: Do you need to back up your Microsoft 365 data? Find out more

By April 13, 2021No Comments

13th April 2021

The move to Microsoft 365 has been staggering; a double-digit growth in the last year alone, and with the shift to home and hybrid working this is only set to rise. The productivity benefits of Microsoft 365 are many and undeniable, but that productivity could be at risk, in ways you are not expecting. Many organisations find out the hard way, that their data isn’t backed-up, in some situations you may only have a week’s worth of data. This leaves you exposed and your users unproductive.

Advatek has got you covered…

Join us for lunch on 22nd April to find out more.

You will:

  • learn why a backup strategy for Microsoft Office 365 is just as important as it is for onsite data
  • experience a live demo of the tools we use to ensure your data is safe
  • see how easy it is to recover data from Exchange, Sharepoint, and One Drive

And what’s more, all attendees will receive a Just Eat voucher afterwards, so lunch is on us.

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