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29th January 2021

Whilst many more workplaces continue to be remote and distributed, keeping IT infrastructure and their physical environment running is even more important than ever.

Organisations rely on their networks to power critical functions, so being able to monitor and be alerted to changes which may affect the environment is crucial.

How do you know when the temperature in the server room is rising, or if someone has left the door open in a secure area?

Can you easily count the number of people in break areas to make sure you are adhering to safe occupancy levels?

Advatek is delighted to present a webinar, with our partners Cisco Meraki and EVERYANGLE, to show you how you can add intelligence to your physical security to keep your organisation safe and secure.

Join us and speakers from Cisco Meraki and EVERYANGLE for a timely look at how to unleash the potential of Cisco Meraki MV Cameras, IOT Smart sensors and computer vision applications for many sectors, including warehousing, manufacturing, schools and colleges and healthcare.

  • Monitor sensitive or secure areas, with real-time alerts for open/closed doors, changes in temperature and humidity and moisture levels to detect water leaks
  • Manage and control safe occupancy levels and PPE compliance by everyone on your site
  • How to detect suspicious persons or unsafe activity

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Webinar : Secure your workplace for the post lockdown world

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