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27th November 2020: 11AM

This year, the workplace has changed in ways most people could never imagine. The headline news is, of course the dramatic shift to home-working and home schooling; and many organisations have invested heavily in technology to support remote working or studying.

However, this is by no means across the board, and there still a huge number of workplaces, such as essential retail, warehousing, and of course healthcare and education accommodating large numbers of people, requiring them to take extraordinary steps to keep their staff, visitors, patients, users or students safe

Whilst the focus on home working, has been driving technology trends over the summer, attention is now turning to making workplaces safe and secure for all.

With this in mind, Advatek is hosting a webinar with our partners Cisco Meraki and EVERYANGLE to look at ways organisations can secure their post lockdown workplace.

Join us and speakers from Cisco Meraki and EVERYANGLE for a timely look at how to unleash the potential of Cisco Meraki MV Cameras with computer vision applications for warehousing, manufacturing, schools and colleges and healthcare.

You will learn how to:

  • how always-on monitoring combined with artificial intelligence and pre-defined alerts will give your staff, customers, students, users or visitors confidence in your workplace
  • How to ensure safe occupancy levels and PPE compliance by everyone on your site
  • How to detect suspicious persons or unsafe activity at your workplace

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Webinar : Secure your workplace for the post lockdown world


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