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We’ve had lots of enquiries about the 6 month Office 365 E1 Trial from Microsoft which we covered in March. We’ve put together a short FAQ to help with how to get hold of the trial:

Which customers are eligible for the 6-month free trial?

  • Eligible for new customers, new seat adds for existing customers, or on top of existing seats such as Office 365 Business or ProPlus.
  • Existing paid licenses cannot be cancelled and replaced with this trial.

How many licenses are included in the trial?

  • Trial subscriptions will be provisioned for up to 3,000 licenses to ensure teams can be deployed to the entire organisation.

What is included in the trial?

For each license assigned to a user in the trial you will be provisioned additional backend services that enable you to experience the full value of Microsoft Teams. This includes:

  • Exchange Online Plan 1
  • Flow for Office 365 Plan 1
  • Forms
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Microsoft Teams (Teams1, Teams IW)
  • Office Online
  • PowerApps for Office 365 Plan 1
  • SharePoint Online Plan 1
  • Stream
  • Sway
  • Yammer Enterprise

How is the trial managed and users assigned licenses?

  • Tenant admins or delegated admin partners can assign or unassign licenses provided through the trial for users to take advantage of the Microsoft Teams.

Once the trial subscription has been created what else needs to be done?

  • Before users can access the trial, users must be enabled in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre

Will the trial automatically convert to a paid service with Teams?

  • No, the trial licenses will expire after 6 months with no automatic charges.

I’m not UK based – can i request a Trial License through you?

  • Unfortunately at this time we only able to initiate trials for UK organisations. However, the trial offer from Microsoft is global – contact a Microsoft reseller in your country to obtain the trial

If you require more information on the trial or wish to obtain a trial code to get started with Office 365 E1 + Teams, use the webchat, call us on 01978 808605 or email us at

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