Mark Nelson has recently joined us as Head of Operations, having previously worked for Gaia Technologies in Bangor. Get to know him here…

How long have you worked in the IT industry?

I have worked in IT for 25 years starting at a company long since gone but never forgotten, DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation).

What do like most about the industry & your job?

IT is an industry that has multiple products and multiple vendors that are always changing – some have stayed and some have gone but I never fail to be amazed at a new function, application, hardware or company that will come from nowhere and change everything (again).

I like enabling my colleagues and customers to achieve their goals, however small or large their goals are.

What’s your career highlight to date?                                                                      

I have several highlights from different stages and companies but the best ones always involve delivering on the promise we made especially when the odds were against us.

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