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Dariusz Synowiec recently joined Advatek as our Technical Departament, get to know him in our Q&A here…

How long have you worked in the IT industry?

I have been in IT for about 10 years, starting at the bottom, in the workshop, building computers and repairing them. Throughout the years I’ve been climbing up through various technical positions.

How long have you been at Advatek?

I am pretty fresh to Advatek, started in September 2019.

What do like most about the industry & your job?

I’ve done many different jobs in my life before I started in IT, and what I really appreciate is satisfaction from what I do. There’s nothing worse than going to workand not enjoying it. What I find most enjoyable in IT is the fact that no single day is the same when dealing with various issues and projects. This is mainly due to the rapid change of technology requiring me to stay on top. This, in turn, pushes me to work more on my skills which brings more joy of working with wider range of technologies.

What’s your career highlight to date?

I think the career change was a very significant event for me. When I think where I started 15 years ago and how life has changed over past 10 years, it really makes me feel good. In my previous role I had a chance to influence the creation of a security team, which gave me a fantastic opportunity to work with some government bodies and help them resolve their issues. I’m very keen on building more advanced security services here in Advatek with a fantastic team working with me.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sweets. I can live without them for months but one day I get a chocolate in my hands, it all goes wrong …

What’s on your bucket list?

I always wanted to see the capital of each European country. It’s not going well because I keep ending up in France on my hols! I love European culture and the veriety of it from east to the west, and seeing as many hidden corners of Europe as I can is on my bucket list.

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