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Today, one of our engineers is heading to Plymouth armed with a Fortigate to kick off a Cyber Threat Assessment for a customer in the Education sector. Given the size of the organisation, we’re putting in a Fortigate 1500D (one of the beefier models in the Fortinet Range), although we also use Fortigate 100D’s and Fortigate 300D’s depending on the size of the organisation. That unit will be in place for the next two weeks and during that time, it’ll sit on their network gathering data, and at the end we’ll produce a report for the customer to see any threats that currently reside on their network. Here are just some of the things the Cyber Threat Assessment covers:

  • Network security solution effectiveness
  • Application vulnerabilities
  • Malware/botnets detection
  • “At risk” devices within the network
  • Applications and web resources usage within the network
  • Peer to peer, social media, instant messaging share of the network usage
  • Usage of client-server and web-based applications in alignment with corporate policies
  • Network performance improvement area
  • Throughput, session and bandwidth requirements during peak hours
  • Security solution sizing and optimisation

We can conduct Cyber Threat Assessments in Wales, The North West, the Midlands and The South West, including the M4 Corridor, so If this sounds like the sort of thing that could be of use to you, get in touch now. There’s no charge for this and we will come to you to help set up the Fortigate – we set the device in Transparent Mode using Port pairs or as one-arm sniffer using port mirroring to ensure there’s no disruption to your existing security set-up and generally speaking, we gather data for around 10 to 14 days.

More information is available on our dedicated page which can be found here. Alternatively, call us on 0844 335 3991 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the Cyber Threat Assessment.

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