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Aerohive have added a webinar on their site ‘The power of 5Ghz’ The webinar takes place on Tuesday 22nd August at 11am and attendees get a free Aerohive AP to play with (subject to the qualification criteria listed on the registration page). Here’s the top level info on the webinar:

When Wi-Fi products entered the market in 1997, they did so exclusively on the 2.4GHz spectrum. By 1999, 5GHz became an alternative, and 18 years later the 5GHz spectrum is an essential component of true high performance wireless networks. 802.11ac proliferation has driven Wi-Fi vendors to include software definable radios (SDR), enabling support for (2) 5GHz radio configuration OR the typical dual band support. The result is more flexible, future-proof Wi-Fi, capable of supporting the 802.11ac/5GHz-centric future. But are you taking advantage?

Bring your questions and join our Systems Engineers to discuss how 5GHz can:

  • Improve operational efficiency and performance
  • Provide 7x the bandwidth of 2.4 GHz
  • Increase network flexibility and adaptability
  • Create less RF and Wi-Fi interference

You can register directly on Aerohive’s website here

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