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As a Fortinet Gold Partner we get many insights into the latest Cyber Threats and with recent attacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya, its important to keep on top of the latest threats. Take a look at the Fortinet Threat Map map below:

Now this is showing data from FortiGates around the world – in real time – and the attacks being blocked by the FortiGates. As you can see, its pretty busy out there and I have sat with our own FortiGate administrator and watched the live logs on our FortiGate at the attempted attacks on our own network. Its a plain fact nowadays that if you are a company of any size, you can expect to see an attempt to compromise your network several times a day..

Being a Fortinet Partner the obvious answer i’m going to give as solution to this is to have FortiGates ;-). However, in addition to having an up-top-date firewall with the latest IPS signature updates, i would argue that its even more important to have a robust backup and recovery plan and constant education on how to spot malicious emails. Why am i saying this? well, time and time again i have seen stories of data being lost and hours (sometimes days) of downtime resulting in millions of pounds being lost as a result of a malware or ransomware attack, spread by a malicious email and compounded by a disaster recovery plan than goes horribly wrong – maybe because the backups were mis-configured or because that fancy piece of software you were sold in the past looked good on paper but didn’t deliver when you needed it…

How we can help

We started as a company primarily focused on Cyber Security, so we have a wealth of experience in this field. Over time we’ve also expanded into Backup and disaster recovery, as well as Hyperconverged systems such as Nutanix and in a way, these are all connected in delivering a robust IT infrastructure that’s well placed to keep your company protected from cyber attacks. Whilst we’d love you to blow your entire IT budget on Nutanix, 2 top-of-the range Fortigates and Veeam Availability Suite with Cloud Connect (well you can if you wish, just contact us 🙂 we understand the challenges facing businesses of all sizes, and are here to help find a cost effective solution to your ICT needs that are ‘right-sized’ to your company and the demands placed on you by your FD. Take a look at some of the Free things we can help with in assessing your needs in the areas of Cyber Security and Backup:

Cyber Threat Assessment

This is a free service where we place a FortiGate on your network for around 7-10 days. During that time that Fortigate monitors your network and at the end you receive a report that shows things like vulnerabilities on your network, Bandwidth Utilisation and highlights any ‘at risk’ websites that users may be accessing. This report can help you to identify areas that your current firewall is missing – allowing you to take next steps in terms of network security. There is no obligation to take any further services from us, but we think you’ll love the features that Fortinet products offer so much that when the time comes for that inevitable follow up call from our Sales Team (usually Stuart or Simon) you’ll be biting our hands off to get your own Fortigate… You can read more about the Cyber Threat Assessment here.

Veeam Availability Suite & Cloud Connect

Our head of Technical absolutely adores Veeam. If i’m honest, he goes on about how great it is so much it gets annoying sometimes (can’t get away from it either as i sit next to him in the office..). That said, Veeam is a great piece of software, and in terms of backup and replication of VM’s, it really is best in class due to its powerful features – it really does ‘just work’. We’ll be doing some videos explaining Veeam in more detail in the future, but check out this video which gives a great overview of how Veeam works, or simply contact us to get a trial.

If you already have Veeam, then you’ll know how good it is – but did you know Veeam Cloud Connect allows the full off-site back up and replication of VM’s without the expense and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure? We can get you started with a trial in less than 10 minutes where you can back up an unlimited number of VM’s to put it through its paces. Click here for more on this.


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