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Ever since we installed Nutanix Xpress for a major manufacturing client earlier this year, we’ve become huge fans of Hyperconverged solutions from these guys. Now, we’ll be the first to admit that there’s plenty of Hype floating around with regards to HCI with solutions from Dell, Simplivity (Now owned by HPE), Cisco, and of course Nutanix you’d be forgiven for thinking that HCI was the latest fad – an all singing, all dancing, one size fits all IT solution that promises much but delivers little… and we wouldn’t blame you… we’d be the first to admit that we were dubious of this new term ‘Hyperconvergence’ – a new buzzword straight out of the Marketing Department of the big boys in the IT world, and besides, vmware VSAN has been around for a good while now and works on any vmware certified hardware so we had to ask ourselves ‘so what?’

However, we when got our hands on a Nutanix box and started poking around, it soon became clear that Hyperconvergence is more than just a buzzword. One of the many thinks we love is Prism, the management software used on the Nutanix Platform. We found it a pleasure to use – and whilst it is very, shall we say, ‘pretty’ to look at, it also packs powerful management features that our IT technicians love to use. As you may know, Nutanix comes with its own free Hypervisor (called Acropolis) but most people tend to stick with ESXi (or even Hyper-V) – not a problem with Nutanix and in fact our customers so far have chosen to stick with ESXi when implementing Nutanix. For a quick walk through of the Prism UI, take a look at the video below – here you will see multi-hypervisor management and a 28 node cluster working with mixed nodes:



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