SNES Classic

SNES Classic

The weekend is almost here so i’m going completely off-topic this Friday and talk Retro Gaming.. One of my favourite consoles when i was a kid was the awesome Super-NES. Countless controllers where damaged beyond repair after throwing them against the wall trying to defeat Dhalsim and his stupid elastic arms in Street Fighter. Despite

Webinar: The Power of 5Ghz

Aerohive have added a webinar on their site ‘The power of 5Ghz’ The webinar takes place on Tuesday 22nd August at 11am and attendees get a free Aerohive AP to play with (subject to the qualification criteria listed on the registration page). Here’s the top level info on the webinar: When Wi-Fi products entered the


Top 5 Wi-Fi Deployment Fails

So today i’m talking Wi-Fi… and i stumbled across recorded workshop webinar from Aerohive which talks about the top 5 deployment mistakes that leave managers and their networks open to compromise. This webinar is around 50 minutes long. There’s a fair chunk in there around IoT security risks and a overview of how Aerohive works.

Beating Ransomware

I thought i’d post up this link to a Veeam video titled ‘The CIO’s Guide to Beating Ransomware’ This was a webinar given by Rick Vanover, Director of Technical Product Marketing at Veeam in July 2017. It’s just over 36 minutes and Veeam experts share practical tips on how to ensure that organisations are resilient

Nutanix Prism Walk Through

Ever since we installed Nutanix Xpress for a major manufacturing client earlier this year, we’ve become huge fans of Hyperconverged solutions from these guys. Now, we’ll be the first to admit that there’s plenty of Hype floating around with regards to HCI with solutions from Dell, Simplivity (Now owned by HPE), Cisco, and of course