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We have just launched our new Cyber Threat Assessment Program for SME’s as well as as Schools, Colleges and Universities. In simple terms we place a Fortinet Appliance between your LAN and existing Firewall and after around 10 days you will receive a FREE report on your company’s network.
The Report shows details on any vulnerabilities on your network, Bandwidth Utilisation and highlights any ‘at risk’ websites that users may be accessing. The report will enable you to assess any risks on your network and take appropriate action, without any obligation.
So, as its free, you may be asking ‘Hey Advatek, what’s in it for you?’ well, we would of course love you to become a customer of ours but we think this is a great opportunity for IT Managers everywhere to conduct a quick and painless cyber threat audit of their company’s network – and there are often 3 possible outcomes from these Assessments from previous experience:
The report produces a number of recommendations and how upgrading to a Fortinet solution can vastly improve Network Security, Bandwidth Utilisation and identify a number of botnets lurking in the network (yes this has happened).
The report produces a number of recommendations that don’t require any investment and identifies ‘quick wins’ that just require a config tweak to your current firewall and/or stronger policy enforcement.
There are little or no next steps required as all policies are enforced correctly and your current firewall is doing the job nicely.

Sounds Great, but what are the 5 steps involved?
well, we’ve drawn up a nice infographic to explain the steps involved in getting started with a Cyber Threat assessment – take a look below o

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